San Maurizio Wine Club is at your disposal to personally consider your requests. For any inquiry, please write to info@sanmauriziowineclub.com


You can make a purchase from the platform’s SHOP page.

The San Maurizio Wine Club offers a choice of products available to buy by any visitor of the website and a selection of labels reserved for Wine Club Members only. You will find specific information on each product.

The San Maurizio Wine Club is designed for private customers. For any other kind of purchasing option and agreement, please do not hesitate to contact us.

We pay great attention to the good preservation of wines, in terms of mobilisation as well as storage, in order to guarantee the highest quality even on the most delicate wines.

Slight imperfections on labels or bottles of older vintages are not a defect but a typical characteristic of authenticity and long shelf life.

Upon dispatch, each product is checked for obvious faults and the height of the liquid inside.

To request support or assistance and write directly to info@sanmauriziowineclub.com

Some Countries limit the number of bottles you are allowed to ship and purchase. So please check the laws and regulations of your delivery Country and write to us if you have any questions.

The maximum quantity supported by the website is 36 bottles each purchase. For bigger purchases, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive an email confirming the success of your purchase. You will receive a second e-mail when your payment has been processed, your order details have been verified and your order has been shipped.

Please, check the Terms & Conditions session for all information about conditions of returning a product. Please note that only applicable products will be considered and accepted for returning.

For any doubt you may have, please contact us at info@sanmauriziowineclub.com


San Maurizio Wine Club has the possibility to ship to almost every Country in the world. Whether or not we can ship to your country will be confirmed once you have entered your final address.

Shipping costs vary:

– by Country;

– by the quantity of bottles;

-by domestic laws that may require additional documentation to be provided by the recipient and/or internal taxes/fees.

For international shipments, your orders may be subject to limitations and/or additional taxes and obligations applied by the Country of delivery. Please note that we have no control over these events and therefore ask you to check with the relevant customs office. The website is not responsible for the laws and taxes in force in the destination Countries.

San Maurizio Wine Club is committed to serving its customers in the best possible way and in the quickest time, respecting the highest quality of service and wine conservation. For this reason the indications of delivery times are indicative.

Shipments in Italy can take approximately 2 – 7 working days from the moment the order is confirmed to the moment of delivery. In Europe, the timeframe is about 3-10 working days while for other Countries we ask you to consider approximately 10 to 15 working days.

All shipments apply safety packaging already included at the time of purchase.

You can always track your shipment by writing to the customer service at info@sanmauriziowineclub.com


Membership of the San Maurizio Wine Club lasts for one year (12 months), during which time you will have access to use all the benefits included in the subscription.

The membership includes two “club-box” shipments with 12 bottles of wine each (different boxes for the two different membership plans), which are scheduled in spring and autumn, regardless of the date of registration. Each “club-box” containes 6 different labels, two wines per each label. Shipment is included in your Wine Club subscription to most areas of the world. Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea please advise for dedicated conditions.

One month before the “club-box” shipment, you will receive an e-mail with more details about the wines. You can check your benefits and status in the Reserved Area of the website by logging in to your account.

The Wine Club Membership is nominal. In order to take advantage of the benefits included in the Wine Club plan you may be asked to show a regular identity document.

For full details of your benefits, visit wine club page

Your club-boxes can be enriched with products of your choice (according to the membership plan), selected from the shop, with no extra shipping cost.

All you have to do is to make your extra purchases in advance of the club-box dispatch dates and flag the related box “Free shipping – add to your next Club-box delivery” during the purchase.

You will find information on the club-box shipment expected timing in the dedicated email you will receive about a month before the shipment and in your private area.

The wines delivered in each six-monthly Club shipment are the result of careful selection by the San Maurizio Wine Club and the Guido da Costigliole restaurant. Should there be any preferences or special requirements, we ask you to let us know in advance, so that we can take care of and manage any request individually.

To view all the benefits that the Wine Club offers you, you can access your Private Area on the site at any time.

To have access to the physical benefits and to make a reservation, please contact Relais San Maurizio directly via email or phone, using the Wine Club User Code, together with your first and last name. You may be asked for a valid Identity Document.

Relais San Maurizio will not be able to refund customers who did not specify their affiliation to the Wine Club and who did not ask for the discount in advance of the reservation. Online-made reservation will not be applicable for the discount.

All benefits related to San Maurizio 1619 services are subject to availability. Contact us in advance and we will be able to serve you at our best.

If you forgot your password, you can request a new one by going to your Personal Area to log in. Click on “I lost my password”. Enter your email address to receive a password reset link.

Six-monthly club-box shipments are included in the subscription for all countries EXCEPT Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea. For subscriptions with shipping address to these Countries, please send an e-mail to info@sanmauriziowineclub.com We will inform you about the best dedicated shipping conditions.

Wine Club Membership is nominal and personal. In order to take advantage of the benefits included in the Wine Club affiliation, you may be asked for a valid identity document. For any doubt, special request or information, please contact the Customer Service.

You can change your shipping address and payment method directly from the private area of the website.

Please note that the payment method you enter must be valid at the time of subscription renewal.

In the event of a change of shipping address to countries not included in the Wine Club offer (Taiwan, China, South Africa, New Zealand), please report the issue by writing to the customer service.


Your Wine Club membership is automatically renewed every twelve months. You will be informed about the automatic renewal one month in advance by email.

The automatic renewal will only be successful if the payment method registered is valid.

The membership and all included benefits are thought for members to take full advantage of one or more of them during the subscription year at their convenience.

Un-used benefits cannot be redeemed.

You can always cancel your Wine Club membership. All subscription terms included in the 12 months of validity will still be respected, but the subscription will not be renewed at the end of this period.

For any further information, you can always contact our customer service.


The subscription will start from the moment of the purchase, for 365 days.

The subscription will be automatically renewed at the end of the period, but you are free to unsubscribe at any time

(the value of the current subscription will stay valid until its end).


  • 2 wine boxes of 12 bottles each (24 bottles per year) shipped directly to your address with no shipping costs *

Every wine box contains 6 different labels, 2 wines per label, of selected wines from Italy (and occasionally abroad), in a mix of most renowned appellations and up-and-coming native grape varieties, producers and wine regions from Piedmont and from Italy.

*Australia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea deliveries: please advice for dedicated conditions

  • Fall shipment:

Expected to leave: by the end of November.

  • Spring shipment:

Expected to leave: by the end of April.

details of the wines will be published on your personal page and on the blog

  • Access to the “Member Only” labels on the website shop:

Bottles in very limited numbers and particular in vintage, selected from the cellar of Relais San Maurizio or from the reserve of our Guest Producers.

  • Flag the “Free: add it to my next Wine Club delivery” at your order’s checkout to add up to 6 additional bottles purchased in the Shop to the next club-box delivery without additional shipping costs.

Please, take care of your purchases before the end of October/April in order to have the wines included in your next Wine Club shipment.

Remember to log-in to your Wine Club account to have access to purchase the “Member Only” labels in the Shop and to your personal membership page.


  • For the duration of your membership members have 10% off overnight stay at Relais San Maurizio and 10% off at the Spa treatments of Relais San Maurizio during overnight stay.

The discount is intended for one room (two people).

To take advantage of your benefits at Relais San Maurizio, book directly on the San Maurizio Website or write to: info@relaissanmaurizio.it or call +39 0141 841900 and remember to state your Club affiliation.

Please note Relais San Maurizio will not accept to apply any benefit on reservations made otherwise, only direct bookings will be applicable

All on-site benefits are subject to availability. Make sure to reserve in advance.


  • Membership includes a Wine Concierge service that will be at disposal of the members upon appointment for online and in-person meetings at Relais San Maurizio and in the area. The Concierge service will advice on wines of the San Maurizio Wine Club and Italian wine in general.
  • San Maurizio Wine Club is available to organize winery visits for its members with the Guest Producers of the project.

Upon subscription, you will receive email and whatsapp contact to plan your Wine Concierge appointment and your visits.


  • Members of the Club will be informed via email and on their personal website page of any event planned by the San Maurizio Wine Club for its members.

Events may be free or with an access fee and they may allow to be accompanied by a partner.

For any queries, please feel free to write to info@sanmauriziowineclub.com