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Azienda Rabajà di Bruno Rocca – Barbaresco DOCG 2018


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YEAR 2018
Producer Azienda Rabajà di Bruno Rocca
Grape variety
REGION Piedmont
Format 0,75 lt
Drinking Window
Green Organic


Barbaresco is made with grapes coming from our
vineyards in Neive: Cru San Cristoforo, Marcorino and
Fausoni, prevalently on south exposition. The soil is clayish tuff with some sandy veins.
2018 has been a classic year, characterised by unstable weather which nevertheless did not adversely affect either the speed of growth or the quantity of harvest. The quality of the grapes brought into the winery was very good: crisp and healthy grapes ripened in their own time and harvested neither
early or late. The usual fermentation and long maceration in the winery helped to develop evident noble tannins.
On first tasting, the wines display good body and noteworthy bouquet, while lacking excessive colour. Everything points to wines with great potential, extremely well-balanced and with the ability to improve with age. Their quality will reveal itself in due course but – it should be repeated – it will inevitably be influenced by agronomic decisions. And most of all, by the distinctive properties of the crus: 2018 will be remembered as the year of the great vineyards, in which nature and terroir, as ever, make all the difference.

Tasting Notes and Pairing:
Color: intense garnet red
Nose: dense with fruit (blackberries, black cherries and plums), overtones of slightly withered rose and violet petals and spices Flavour: warm, elegant and wrapping, long lasting flavour with overtones confirming aromas perceived on the nose with
one note of cocoa. Pairing: red meat, mushrooms risotto, porcini, truffle (black and white), middle-ripened cheese.
Suggested serving temperature:
in the vineyard:
We follow a simple sort of viticulture. It is simple because our goal is to respect an ecosystem that already maintains a natural equilibrium, as long as it is protected from pollution and other factors that alter its natural cycle. We do not use any synthetic fertilizers or treatments, just copper and sulphur (the latter obtained from sulphur rocks as opposed to refined petroleum) aided by organic substances like aloe vera, brown seaweed, propolis, and sage. These products have been proven to provide natural immunity against insects and disease. The technology that we use in the vineyards utilizes the existing natural balance rather than creating a new one. We use meteorological data and wireless communication to monitor the conditions of each vineyard in real time. We pay particular attention to fertilizing our vines. We are what we eat, so we are especially careful about what our plants absorb. The manure we use for humus comes from selected, local, non-industrial breeders that operate in ways that we approve. We use manure that is at least one year old and that has successively been aged for two years under straw and transformed by earthworms. This is how we obtain compost made of pure organic matter, without any chemical or synthetic additions. To respect and encourage biodiversity, we sow oats, barley, buckwheat and different species of wildflowers between the rows. These help prevent soil erosion and promote the presence of benign insects. To combat grapevine moths we have chosen sexual confusion methods that use little strips that release pheromones. We believe in the moon cycle for our vineyards and winery jobs: we want to keep alive a tradition that is going on for generations, from grandfather to grandson.
Production method and aging:
Vinification: in stainless steel for about 12-15 days
Maturation: about 8-12 months in French oak barrique.

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