Wine-Box Spring 2024

Here you can see what our San Maurizio Wine Club “Connoisseur” members received in the Wine Box for the Spring 2024!


Nervi/Conterno, Jefferson

The Nervi winery is the historical interpreter of Nebbiolo (here called Spanna) in the area of Gattinara, which gives its name to the wine and where the cultivation of vines has been witnessed since the 2nd century BC. The history of the winery began in 1906, when Luigi Nervi founded the company and began the work of marketing this wine, also internationally, and of enhancing and recognising it as DOCG in 1991. After a few changes of ownership, Roberto Conterno, owner of the famous Giacomo Conterno, producer of one of the most sought-after Barolo wines on the market, who had already been working with Nervi for a few years, decided to buy the winery, opening up a new path for this historic reality. 2016 is the first vintage under Roberto Conterno’s care, as part of the change of ownership of the winery.

Roberto Conterno has been experimenting for over 20 years with Nebbiolo in its sparkling, classic method version, but he decided never to add it to the collection of the Barolo winery. When he had the chance to work in the Gattinara region, he find it the perfect suit to finally produce a sparkling wine with this variety.


Falkenstein, Weissburgunder Phileo 2018

The renowned Falkenstein winery, which has been owned by the Pratzner family for 400 years, is situated on the left orographic left of the Vinschgau, on the so-called Rocca del Falco. The winery is located close to the Sonnenberg and extends its 12 hectares of vineyards on a sunny hillside at 650 metres above sea level. The special climate with warm days and cool nights lends itself perfectly to the cultivation of local varieties, among which the Weissburgunder (Pinot Blanc), and Riesling. In 1995 Bernadette and Franz Pratzner decided to devote themselves exclusively to wine growing, despite the difficulties of an almost prohibitive climate and rocky terrain with vertiginous slopes.

The Phileo Weissburgunder is a new project, with first vintage 2016, born from a selection of the best Pinot Blanc vines. The name “phileo” derives from Filomena, a tribute to the mother of Franz, the current owner.


Valle Reale, Trebbiano d’Abruzzo 2013

Valle Reale is, first and foremost, a project. It was born in 1998 when the Pizzolo family, of Veneto origin, who owned an estate near the municipality of Popoli, in the Abruzzo Apennines, at the source of the Pescara river that flows into the Adriatic Sea near the town of the same name.

The location, nestled between three different natural parks, on a plateau facing south-east, embraced by mountains, makes this place special and isolated and historically suited to viticulture since traces of this activity have been found dating back to the Middle Ages. And it was in discovering this history, long abandoned, that the property decided to recover an old Montepulciano vineyard, with a study supported by the University of Milan. The experimentation would lead to Leonardo Pizzolo’s decision to dedicate himself to the production and bottling of wine from these territories, under the name of Valle Reale, with the decision to devote the best care to these soils: with a parceling out into real ‘crus’ and a careful study of indigenous yeasts, to allow the soil and the varieties to express themselves at their best.


Petrolo, Galatrona 2021

Galatrona is the “Gran-Cru” of Merlot of Petrolo, only made with the grapes from the vineyard of the same name planted between the end of the 80’s and half of the 90’s with low vigor bordeaux clones. The peculiar soil, rich in clay in combination with schist, marl and sandstones, allows the concentration of all the noble components of the grapes, fundamental for the great structure, elegance, balance and persistence wanted for this wine.

Altitude 300 m asl. South-eastern exposure. Placed on the south-eastern borders of the Chianti Hills, in the DOC Val d’Arno di Sopra. Clay helps keeping moisture in the soil, of which merlot has higher needs in the hot, dry, Tuscan summers. The combination of stones, shale and clay is among the elements that allow Galatrona to produce an elegant and full bodied wine even in what are considered minor vintages.


Il Bosco, Cortona Syrah 2006

Tenimenti d’Alessandro is located in Cortona in the province of Arezzo, in southern Tuscany on the border with Abruzzo. The area was at the time almost completely unknown to the world for its wines. Thanks to ambition and passion of the d’Alessandro family and a series of interested, expert scholars and oenologists, today the wines of this area, and of this particular Estate, have attracted attention from all over the world.

The d’Alessandro family purchased the Fattoria di Manzano in 1967, but it was only at the end of the 1980s that, thanks to the support of the wine luminary Attilio Scienza, the first Syrah vineyard was planted. The studies proved it the most suitable variety for this specific territory. Il Bosco is produced with only Syrah grapes selected, actually, from the best parts of two hillside vineyards planted in 1995 and 1999. Very intense, clear and concentrated; complex and earthy texture of ground coffee, cocoa bean (mocha), wooden Tuscan cigar box, fresh mint; red fruits and Mediterranean herbs and flowers.


Sandrone Luciano, Barolo Sibi et Paucis 2010

As Barbara and the Sandrone Family explains:

“Each year, we have chosen to put aside a small part of our production of the wines based in Nebbiolo – a few bottles of Cannubi Boschis, Le Vigne and ­Valmaggiore. To these we dedicate a longer ageing: 10 years past the vintage for the Barolo and 6 years for the Valmaggiore. We hold these in our wine library, where they are held in perfect conditions for resting, refining and the slow march toward maturity. Our seal on the labels identifies these ­specific bottles and their path which began under the ground in our cellars. sibi et paucis represents the passing of the days, the art of waiting and the pleasure of the past made present: an intuition that reflects the cycles of humanity and of wine. Everything flows. Patience is fluid and harmonious; its result transforms and arrives in new forms.”

Have fun!


… And “Enthusiast” Members are having their share of fun as well!

See below the bottles they received


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